Looking for Concept Artist [FREE/Royalties - Remote] (Psychological/Horror game on UE5)


After few months of inactivities regarding game dev I decided to project myself to create still an Horror game. I do musics and some are part of my personal project that I’ll post only on our discord. I’m also learning C++, I’m learning right now C++ OOP.

This is a free position, good for learning or if you are experienced, good if you are passionate about Horror games.
Finally you will get royalties when the game releases on platforms.

Feel free to ask questions about the game.

Our Discord server: TRITON Studio


TRITON Games Studio is working on a psychological horror game, we need you.

We have:
-5 BPers/Coders
-1 3D Modeler/Texturer
-1 Marketing Responsible

We need (for now):
-1 Concept Artist
-1 Lighting Artist

We are developing a demo, it will be of around 20 minutes gameplay. Then we will grow a crowdfunding after we finish it and present it. We are working hard, I can overnight to work on it with others USA or Asian fellows. It seems we are all passionate in our team.
I, for an instance, am an abstract/wierd/strange/avant-gardist/underground/horror movies enthusiast, and of course a fan of Shinji Mikami and Silent Hill series and movies.

Althought we are making a game, I personaly don’t look much in other games as references: I got an idea, share it with my team and we brainstorm to develop it. Let’s look for new horror horizons.
As Game Designer I am somehow in charge of quality of the scenario, the presentation and what it emenates. I do my best to avoid clichés.

ps: I’m the composer of a noise/industrial techno project, which I was looking for a short movies producer to make a little movie on one of my EP released on all platforms, sadly it didn’t happened. That’s why I decided to make a game and further develop creativity for my ideas, and share them with our team.

Feel free to join here: TRITON Studio

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TRITON Games Studio - Project Door - Locked - YouTube (Title screen theme)

TRITON Games Studio - Project Door - The Brinks - YouTube (Main theme)

Waking Dolls - YouTube (A ‘possible’ end credits roll theme)

TRITON Games Studio - Door Of Thoughts - YouTube (Some theme)

TRITON Games Studio - Deadlock - YouTube (Some scene)