Looking for concept artist for hard sci-fi project

Hello everyone!

Temaran here.

I am currently looking for an illustrator / concept artist to help me create art for my dream project. I have been working on this project for about 3 years on and off, and as I am projecting I will have more free time very soon I decided to start working a bit more on it :slight_smile:

As this is a project I do on my free time, I will not be able to pay more than about $50-$100 per artwork. I know this is relatively low, but if this is alright with you, please feel free to send me a PM!

The artwork I want to have created should follow a realistic art style, and the motives will be mostly forests / overgrown cities. Here are some links you can check out to get a general idea of what I am looking for in terms of style and feeling.

but with considerably less city and more forest :slight_smile:

Pyramids are cool, but not what I have in mind. Also probably not this zoomed out, and less buildings.

I have about 10.000 words of design documents for the game project right now that you would get access to, and I would also be available to talk through what it is Iā€™m after.
I am aiming to commission several artworks, and also, if you are good with 2d art in general, there might also be more work for you if you are interested :slight_smile:

Best regards and happy new year!

The position has been filled, thank you for all the interest :slight_smile:

Best regards,