Looking for Companies that offer Game Download Manager Solution (similar to Blizzard App)

Hello everyone;

We are looking for companies that can provide us a game download manager software.

We have 4 pc games. what we want is: user will download a small exe and from that exe, they will be able to download the client of all our games. What we are looking for is quite similar to Battle App / Blizzard App.

So far we found two companies: Reloaded Tech and SolidStateNetworks.

I will be glad if you guys can advise me other companies. You can also directly send an e-mail to me at:


There is celestial’s release manager package. I think this was originally for Unity but can support most apps.

Also there is an open source thing called Launchpad you can search the forums here for.

While it’s possible to create something like that within UE4, I know there’s some stuff in the Unity asset store that can be used to do that as well (even for non-Unity apps to download and install a game along with patching systems)