Looking for collaborator(s) to build a prototype.

Good <Local Time of Day>

I come before you all today seeking some help on a small, fairly basic prototyping project. It’s not particularly sexy, I know. I cannot promise you riches beyond your wildest imaginings, nor can I make claims that this work will revolutionize the industry or, dare I say, humanity itself. It will not cure cancer, chronic stupidity, or even a hangover. But it might, just might, make us all better people. (Unless of course you don’t want to be a better person. In which case, it will undoubtedly make you a worse person, or whatever other type of person you want it to make you.)

About Me:
Over the years, I’ve tried my hand at virtually every discipline in this industry, and I’ve built up a pretty decent working knowledge across the field. But at the end of the day, I’m a Systems and Game Designer; rule systems, flow charts and long, insanely complicated spreadsheets are what I’m best at. Unfortunately, for all my ability to understand C++ when I’m looking at it, that does not make me into a proficient coder, nor are my blueprinting abilities currently at a level that would result in spontaneous immaculate conception for anyone who views them.

But the truth is, while I could do this all myself if pressed, I really, really don’t want to. You see, working with other people on this kind of stuff is exactly the reason I love game development. I am not the indi dev who spends three years locked away, slowly building every part of a game themselves. While I applaud those people for their “gumption” and self-sufficiency, that style of isolated development is my own personal version of hell.

While I can do this project on my own over time, and I will do it on my own if so forced, I’d really prefer to work with other people if it’s at all possible.

About The Project:
This is an unpaid and not-for-profit venture. I’m not looking for anyone to devote twenty-seven years to making a Photo-Realistic MMORPGFPS Open-World Zombie Survival Horror Educational VR x4 Real-Time Adventure Game. (A.K.A. a “PRMMORPGFPSOWZSHEVRX4RTAG” or “terrible idea”)

In the end we’re talking super low detail, turn based and top down stuff using tilesets. Think FF Tactics, but in Unreal, and not FF Tactics.

The plan is to make 2 to 3 tile-based levels. The player controls three characters from a quasi-top-down POV, moving freely out of combat and in a turn based, tactical, menu driven style inside of combat. The combat rules in play are largely experimental, which is why I want a proof of concept. They sound great in theory and work in simulations, but that’s not the same thing as being fun in practice.

What I’m Looking For:
Ideally what I’m looking for here is either a generalist programmer, or someone who is more experienced with implementing gameplay mechanics in blueprint then I am. I also wouldn’t turn away an Environmental Artist or an Animator if they volunteered, but those two are more of a wish list at this point. I can technically do modeling, and animations are just so it doesn’t look like broken garbage.
I have a dedicated perforce server up and running, and a temporary abundance of free time, so if anyone out there is willing to lend a hand so I don’t go completely insane doing this alone, my sanity would appreciate it immensely.


**Update (2/22/16)
**The Project has expanded to two people!

We’re now a design and programming duo, but we’d greatly value some additional assistance. In particular, we could really use an Environmental Artist, a Character Artist, and/or an Animator.

We’re not looking for photo-realistic “AAA” assets with 8k textures or models with 16 million polys. If someone wants to offer that, then, great? But simplicity is generally our goal right now.

We’re open to any help anyone wants to provide, so if you’re interested in working on a small-scale project that’s actually likely to be finished before the heat death of the universe, send me a PM or reply in thread!

cool idea good luck (=