Looking for collaborator(s) on UE game project T. T

Hi everybody, I am William, a MFA game design student from NYU Game Center, I am here creating this post to look for potential collaborator(s) on my thesis project. I am currently developing a local-multiplayer game with Unreal as my thesis project, I have been working on it for about a semester now (four months) the core mechanism has designed and a couple prototype demos are built as well, but I am not confident about finishing it all by myself in the next semester (by finishing I mean a polished demo).

The reason I am looking for collaborator outside my school is because most of my friends here don’t work with Unreal platform, the only teacher (as far as I know) who has some experience with UE4 has quit the job LOL.

About myself, I have never coded before my master study, I was an architect before NYU, so it’s been a struggle for me to even identify the problem I encounter with in blueprint, not to mention more fancy tricks I have wanted to add into my game… but still I tried a lot of YTB videos and built the basic function for the game.

Here is an page I made for the demo of this game, you are welcome to download it and play it yourself, it’s not a good looking demo, but it should be enough to explain itself. I have been getting a lot of positive feedback from my professors and other game testers, I believe it has some potential in it and a lot of room for improvement. Here is the link to the page:

So I hope to find collaborator(s) who are:

  1. Good at blueprint/coding (at least better than me).
  2. Good at blueprint/coding (at least better than me).
  3. Good at blueprint/coding (at least better than me).
  4. Have some knowledge about game design.
  5. Have some knowledge about game art.
  6. Be able to work together online (or in person, I am in NY).

By becoming collaborator(s), you will have your name printed on this project, obviously, and use it in your portfolio whenever you want as well. If the game gets into the incubator of NYU game center, you will be on the team (if you want). You will be attending to the thesis class of the NYU game center with me, discuss the project with my teachers (Bennett Foddy will be my internal advisor) and hear the feedback directly. You can choose to only work on the coding part, or participate in every decision we will make about the game design.

And by collaborator(s) I was hoping that you will not asking for money, since it’s a student thesis project, but still, if you are really good at blueprint/coding, can take over something that I can’t accomplish myself and you can’t spare too much free time to help me, I am very much willing to share some of my scholarship with you ($500-$1000, maybe more, it depends).

Thank you for your patient, if you are interested, or want to learn more about my project, you can contact me here on Reddit or email me directly: [EMAIL=“”]

Looking forward to hear from my future teammate!

Please add two bits of information:
Is this remote work, and what is deadline?

Yes, it’s going to be remote working unless you are in NY BK and is willing to meet me in person so maybe we can discuss about the project more efficiently, and the dead line is going to be around the end of May 2021.