Looking for collaboration with Level/Environment designer and/or optimization specialist

I am making an open-world adventure game, nothing demanding like GTA, way simpler. I am looking for someone to give me tips on level design and optimization in exchange for my help with blueprints, I am working with them 24/7 for three years now.

Please note, I am not interested in people that will stay in touch for a day or two and then disappear/stop replying to me because “life” or that huuuuge project that just fell in their hands. I need serious help and offer back exactly that - serious help. If your life has lots of ups and downs or you are waiting for a call to participate in various jobs/projects please don’t contact me.

I can help with anything regarding inventories, subtitle systems, environment audio systems, debugging your code, I can even make a copy of my systems and adapt them to your project for you. I need help to move my project forward and will do the same for yours.

Also, please don’t send me your email and expect me to make an introduction all over again. Been there too, I rarely got a reply. I made my introduction, it’s time for you to make yours and ask me any detail about my project while also presenting me with the obstacles you face in your project and you would like me to help with.

Essentially, I offer hands-on service on your project in exchange for tips/guidance, sorry I am not in a position to offer money as well.

Anyone who is good at optimizing and/or level design please contact me. My project is already run by a team of 1 dev (me), 2 modelers, and 7 actors. Thank you very much!