Looking for coders/blueprinters

I am currently building a “training” level for a game I’m attempting to make. But the level is mainly for setting up gameplay elements and testing them. Now, I can do level design, and follow tutorials on blueprinting rather well, but without tutorials on it, I’m not great at figuring out the whole visual scripting, even though it is easier to understand the regular coding.

Anyway, I am looking for someone, or some people, (the more the merrier) to help me get the main gameplay functions set up. I already have a few gameplay elements set up (thanks to the wonderful UE4 marketplace, and some great YouTube tutorials), but some of the other functions, I just cannot do without assistance.

So, if you feel like helping out, send me a private message, or ask me some questions right here in the thread. Thanks for reading!

More information? If you’re interested in my help, email me at

Well, the game is a FPSRPG set in dystopian future. The game consists of several open approach levels, (Dishonored or Deus Ex games are the best examples) as well as hacking (For keypads) and lock picking. The game implements an optional stealth mechanic that can be ignored if the player feels like going in guns’a’blazin. The game also has several, relatively brief dialogue option sections, as well multiple endings. Over the last few days, I actually managed to get the keypad, hacking, and lock picking mostly taken care of. If that’s enough info for you, please let me know. Thanks