Looking for coder/plug in good offer

Hello, I am looking for a plugin or a coder.

I need a plug in or a coder that would help me to create a system that would allow me to create a kind of cubic measure on my world. What I mean by this is that my world is not a cubic world, it is like any other game, with relief etc…

What I would like is that when the player mines in game, he mines this cubic dimension which is not visible by the player who plays. Exactly like in minecraft, except that my world is not cubic.

If I haven’t been understanding enough, please take a squared sheet, and draw a big triangle on it, what I would like is that when the player mines, he only mines the part that corresponds to a small square of this triangle.
This is what I would like to create, but on a large world…

I would also like to create layers in the earth, to make a height under the surface, so that when you mine, you can go down under the earth and mine.

If you know someone who has the ability to create this, don’t hesitate to tell him.

I will of course pay the coder once he can present me his finished work.

If you know a plugin that can do exactly that and that I will use, I will offer you 50€ or the equivalent in dollar exchange rate just for having told me.

Great thank’s for reading this post,
Have a nice day.

  • Killtizenx.

Don’t know if this plugin offers what you want, but you might want to have a look:

I already took a look into it, it’s not exactly what im looking for…

Thank’s for the share to