Looking for Coder for August Game Jam

So as it stands right now we pretty much have everyone we need to do this jam. Although we are short a man and have a Programmer spot. Do you love coding and want some experience under your belt? This team I’m on is made up of passionate people that have taken a slight break from the current project and are ready for whatever they announce Thursday. If things go well we may consider keeping this person on the team. What do we have?
Me-project lead/level designer/(some bp experience)
2x 3d modelers/textureres
1x soundfx and music.

This team is very open with ideas and nothing is immediately shot down. All ideas are considered. I will be asking what everyone wants to make before we get started based on the theme. So please reply here or pm me directly and we’ll get you on skype and meet the team. Any questions feel free to ask

Good luck to all teams participating.

A straight C++ programmer or blueprint programmer?

~ Jason

Either. As long as you can have experience in coding blueprinting is a fast pickup. So whichever you know is fine.

I’m more akin to blueprinting, but I can do C++ if necessary.

Let me know if you need me.

~ Jason

that’s fine you can stick with blueprints. If we need something more technical maybe you can do that but shouldn’t be much of a requirement with a quick game make. pm me your skype name and ill add you.

In emergency need of skilled Blueprinter/C++ person. don’t know where ours is and we need a lot of work done. PM with a skype if you want to join! Unpaid work of course, still for GameJam.

Spot filled :slight_smile: