Looking for cheap PBR Modeler for quick weapon modeling

Hello everyone,

I have 2 weapons that I would like to get modelled. They are swords with concept art for you to use to get them perfect.

I am looking for as close to realistic as possible or a color map and normal map along with them (I can texture them myself, but I do not know how to create the normal map, create low poly version, or UV Unwrap properly.

I am looking for fast work to help my RPG’s upcoming demo!

If interested, please email me @

Please include portfolio and rates!

Is there additional work after the 2 weapons are done (if they’re to your liking?) or is this a one and done kind of situation?

There would be more work towards the completion of my demo. I still need things like Monsters, an airship, that same airship in pieces, and some environmental props.

Sent you an email.