Looking for character/world designer

My name is Kasper and I’ve been working on a game for a while now, I have tried making my own world and characters but I can’t work out how to.
So now i’m here looking for someone nice to help me. If you can give me advice or even make stuff for me, reply below this topic and I will contact you.

It would be amazing if anyone would like to help

Kind regards,

I don’t need very detailed things because low-poly is the style I am looking for

Hi @Kasperッ,

How long have you been working on your game and do you have screenshots of what have managed to create thus far? I do not assume low-poly equates to low detail as there is significant amount you can do with it using some creativity… such as mixing with photorealism, cubic voxels, pbr materials, toon shaders, A common technique to create’low-poly’ art style from high poly objects is to decimate them. I’m using all of techniques mentioned above for my Sci-Fi FTPS and it would not be considered a low-poly art style. There’s a wealth of knowledge for creating low poly style on GDC.

Hi @TechLord,

I have been working on a navigation/quest system and i am currently working on AI. Before this i have been learning a lot so the game I’m making now is not so big yet, but i am working on story and the only setback has been designing stuff. But i have around 9 hours in my project, but I’ve been working hard and have done a lot already.

So I get if you don’t want to help because i am new. But I assure you that if you do help the actual game will be amazing!

Kind regards,

Hi Kasperッ,

You could improve your recruitment effort by showcasing what you have completed. I would also encourage providing more details on the game, especially the game’s theme. Do you have reference images/videos that could provide ideas on what type of work you’re seeking? Developers have to find interest in your project to participate, the more info you provide, the more interest you can attract. Additionally, more info could help me point out free content in the marketplace to fit your goals.

Do not assume being *new *would prevent me or other devs from assisting you. We all had to start somewhere. For myself, its all about passion and determination of the game developer and I’m offering plenty advice herein. I’m currently occupied with ExORION development. I joined HeadlessStudios a year ago and ended up developing ExORION solo. Developing an amazing game is hard work and I refuse to give up.

Luckily, I program/script game subsystems. With that skillset I’m able to carry the project forward. I’m learning 3D because *Unique *Content Creation is my greatest obstacle in game dev. I actively seek out Procedural Generation Methods to create/manipulate content, compensating for the lack of a 3D Art Dept.

One has to acknowledge a game ambitiousness. If you need help, the game is too ambitious. I believe ambitious games can be achieved solo, with a strategy. I acknowledge that ExORION is too ambitious project for a single developer. I devised a strategy to keep the studio and game alive. I incorporated:

  1. Marketplace Assets & Modification,
  2. Collaborative Modular Construction
  3. Procedural Generation Systems {1,2,3}
  4. Player Creation / Customization.

The key to all of the above is modular assembly at every layer of the design.

Hi @TechLord,

The links with your programs and stuff will help a lot with my progress, i will put showcasing on here later today.