Looking for Character Modellers/ Riggers for a pirate themed dining experience project

***Pirates Dining Experience *(URGENT)
Pay Per Asset - Progressive Payment

Looking for few modellers and riggers to model realistic high poly pirates (human characters) for a dining experience project. Characters will be imported into UE high poly as there’s no other asset in each scene except one pirate in each screen. Total of 10 pirates needed to be modelled. Visitors will walk past these portholes and jailcells with pirates and they will turn and track visitors via tracking cameras.

Project Title:
Pirates Dining Experience

This project is for a dining experience at one of the resort centres. Visitors get to enjoy multimedia displays as they visit the diner. There will be portholes and jailcells with TV screens/ projection in it which the digital pirates will turn and look at visitors, or respond to them via camera tracking of human figures.

We had a couple of artists but timeline is running short and are looking for more to rush the project out.

Payment will be progressive (20% once you show us progress that you’ve started and finished 20% of character, another 30% when you show us half done, 50% upon completion)

Current Situation
One 2 artist which is assigned 5 characters each, one kept promising ‘by tomorrow I will show you something solid’ ‘sending today’ ‘ready in 5mins’ ‘yes it’s done will send in awhile’ but not much progress for 2 week except boots for 1 character done. Our guess is they can’t deliver so we need to find additional/ replacement urgently as deadline is mid march/ end march and 4 weeks has passed and we still haven’t get 1 character from him. The 2nd artist has the other 5 characters and seem can only handle 1 at a time.

We still need time to motion capture, code the characters.

Company Name
Dreamchasers Interactive

Team Structure**:**
Magius, Kah Tat
Creative Director

Programming Lead

Talent Required:
3D Artist (Modeller)

  • Ability to model realistic character
  • Follow concept design closely
  • Most pirates are asian ethnic as this is an asian pirate dining experience
  • Final output max/ maya file

3D Character Artist (Rigger)

  • Facial and body rig (fingers/ leg)
  • Experience with Rokoko body/ facial capture is good


E-mail: [EMAIL=“magius@dreamchasers-interactive.com”]magius@dreamchasers-interactive.com / [EMAIL=“me@kahtat.com”]me@kahtat.com
Skype: kah.tat


I can help out.
Please check PM.

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Hey @magiusmajere this is exactly the kinds of situations we’re brought in to help with. Let’s get a call scheduled ASAP! Sending you over an email as well. Cheers!

Hi @magiusmajere,

We can help you with your project. I have send you an email.


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