Looking for Character Modeler/Designer

Project Title:

A “raid” style first-person shooter where players scavenge for a rare energy source called Segment in open zones. Players may enter and extract at any time. Segment is gathered to upgrade weapons, equipment and enter paid tournaments.

  • Dystopian environment
  • RPG style “city” for upgrading equipment
  • Economy based shooter
  • Full ‘o’ lore!

Team Name:

We have been around since 2015 working for large clients such as the NFL, Wintrust Financial and Purdue University. We began as a software development shop specializing in big data and analytics. Over the years we have become progressive developers of all multimedia including VR, interactive installations, CGI and more. Starting in 2018 we have decided to begin development on our own indie title. We are currently in progress of obtaining additional funding.

Team Structure**:**
Dylan M.
Founder, Programming, UI/UX Design, Visual Effects - 12 years

Osmar L.
Co-Founder, Programming, UI/UX Design - 12 years

Brandon T.
Co-Founder, Programming, Musical Theory, Music Production, Writing - 7 years

Gibson W.
Contractor, First Person Animation - 3 years

Fred B.
Contractor, Technical Advisor, Weapons Expert

BrandNewShip (Jeff C/Caleb C)
Partner, Programming, Networking, All around ninjas

Talent Required:
Animator (First and/or Third Person) (1)

  • FBX Export
  • Experience with UE4 is a Bonus
  • Character/Weapon Rigging
  • Animation

3D Character Artist (2)

  • FBX Export
  • Experience with UE4 is a Bonus
  • Experience Creating Low-Mid Poly Game Assets
  • UV Mapping
  • Texture Baking
  • PBR Texturing
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Character Modeling


Discord: s3gf4ult#9099