Looking for Character Designer and Animator

We are working on a game called Valgard and The Armor of Achilles, developed in Unreal 4, that was recently chosen for the Greenlight. It also entered into a publishing contract with a major publisher.

We are looking for a person capable of doing character design (using mudbox or zbrush), and animation for the Bosses mainly.
**If you are interested , please send email to so we can better detail the proposal.
About the game:

Valgard and The Armor of Achilles is a top down shoot 'em up video game developed by Revolver Game Studio, which brings to this generation the renowned gameplay of games like Knightmare (MSX) and Elemental Master (Sega Genessis).

Follow the nord Valgard fighting his way in the distant lands of Greece. After being defeated by Valgard a contest to marry the daughter of the elder Koldran, Merak the dirty crook abducts the beautiful maiden. The enemy demands the legendary armor of Achilles in exchange for the woman. Now Valgard must cross the eight worlds that led to Hydra. The monster guarding the armor of Achilles, a magical relic of a distant people that provides incredible strength and endurance to those who use it.

Key Features

  • Use the Gauntlet called “The Fist of Berserker” to crush your enemies with ethereal swords, axes and other viking weapons;
  • Call the power of asgardian gods to become invisible, to going berserk or to summon a shield;
  • Epic boss fights with the calydonian boar, manticore, cerberus and many others;
  • Cooperative play: summon another player to aid in your battle;
  • Developed with Unreal 4.


It is a vertical scrolling shooter, thus the main focus is timming and accuracy. However, Valgard has a very peculiar feature that is the interaction with the scenery. The main character is a man and he walks “physically” through various scenarios and therefore subject to the terrain features as: bumps, potholes, traps and different paths.


In simple terms, the game features a journey through inhospitable places. And, we want to challenge the player to go forward on this journey. So, we want to keep the player strained by difficulty and precision needed to win, not to the point of causing frustration, but more will to win the challenge.