[looking for] character creator system program

Similar to what Daz Studio is, or maybe even Poser

I’m not sure if I should stick to Daz, but the default Daz models (for the genesis 3 generation) seem a bit off to me compared to the last generation model (maybe because it has less polys and the poly flow is different), I was thinking maybe to ditch the Daz models and hire someone who could make a higher quality figure

But, I would like to still be able to use the newer model in the say way I do with the Daz figures, have a morphing system so I can craft my own characters from the original base model (having the same artist that did the model to do the morphs needed)

Take a look at ://mixamo

They might still offer a few selected models for free and their Fuse software lets you create custom characters. Though never used Fuse myself…

I want to use my own model, though. Fuse is more or less…you’re stuck using the Mixamo stuff

That’s why I wasn’t sure if I could keep using Daz or Poser, I’m not sure if I can import and save custom models, or is there are programs similar

One Pipeline I found is downloading make human, make a male/female version. Import to 3d modeling program of choice (Blender, , maya) and touching it up a bit, adding morph targets to said characters, import those characters into the engine, and create a basic system that can adjust the morph targets accordingly with a slider. If you plan on doing this or having someone do this you will need to make the clothing the same size as the base model and morph the clothing accordingly, so you’ll need to have the clothing automatically load the morphing values depending on your characters size and load the values into the clothing of choice as well as have morphing set for each individual piece of clothing. Definitely worth effort if you have the patience though, it would be great for pumping out custom characters
Someone already managed a start at this and posted their creation for free use on the forums

+1 for that
Here is a pretty good tutorial about that tool: ?v=mSQZCp5VQno :slight_smile:

I don’t want want to use make human’s models (they’re honestly the most ugly things I’ve ever seen) I wanted to tweak a model that could be used n the same manner as how Daz, Poser and Make Human handles heir figures…have this base model and able to make and save morphs for it

Daz hasn’t made it easy for people to import models with rigs into their program…not sure what Poser or Make Human’s process is

I’ve been asking myself this question too.

If you’re comfortable with Daz 3D then it might be best to wait for Morph 3D. It’s Unity only right now but they say they’re looking into an Unreal version too, though the timeline is unclear.

You can import your own clothes and body parts into fuse, BUT you need to use their topology and their predefined way of UV-mapping. They have tutorials about that on their site.

You can also import your own clothes into makehuman and apparently make your own sliders/morphs, but I only used clothing import myself.

Err… I believe you’ve missed a button somewhere. Or a whole bunch of them.

See attachment for examples of makehuman models. Those use default unmodified makehuman materials and textures.

Not perfect, but I"ve seen MUCH worse. Definitely can be used in the game engine after a bit of texture painting.

thing is, I do NOT want to use models already made, as nice as Daz figures are, I’ve had an expert modeler look at them for me and still say they have issues with them, and Poser figures are way behind Daz

Indeed. Looking at these models… then looking at what we have at our disposal over here … hope they release Unreal version soon

sorry for the late reply

just wanted to thank everyone for answering my question