Looking for Character Blueprint Programmer

We are working on a fan film and are looking for a character blueprint programmer that is able to develop a system where the blueprint will acknowledge bone movements, and swap out 2D textures for a 3D character that has 2D images driving facial expressions. All expressions will need to be able to activate from imported animations inside of sequencer. You will collaborate with our rigger to make sure the system is 1-1 in both Maya and UE4.

Team Name:
Innervation Brothers Group

Talent Required:
Character 2D Animation Blueprint Programmer

  • Comfortable and experienced with character blueprints.
  • Ideally has familiarity with the animation workflow and understands it.
  • Must love unreal as much as we do!


Are you still interested ? :rolleyes:

Thanks for asking! We have actually filled this position. :slight_smile:

Alright I’ll keep looking