Looking for Character artists

**Project title: **Untitled

Game type/genre/style: Fantasy, Tower Defense, Low poly diffuse only

Target aim: PC/Android

Game summary: Four players share one base and they have to work together to keep it alive. You control a commander and a builder. There are many waves of enemies that you have to defend against. After you fight the wave you will have a time period called ‘Building phase/Exploration phase’ depends what you do with your allocated time. When this period is over the next wave will spawn.

Compensation plan: Currently working on the game as a hobby/portfolio purposes. If the game is successful we will be pushing towards a fundraising campaign. Can’t guarantee payment but if we make a profit so will you.

Talent that we need: We will be looking for various talents but for now we are looking for someone who can create character concepts/character model. Animation is a huge plus!

Work needed: For game prototyping we are looking to make 2-4 playable characters along with various NPCs. Here’s the style we are aiming for.
Current team structure:** As for now we are only a team of two. I’m the project lead/3d generalist and my other team mate does the programming. We use Skype for communication and we prefer to use that method because the instant messaging system there is pretty nice and we can use voice chat whenever we need to.

Technology we use: Unreal 4

Contact: Skype: painedadj91

Project state: I’ve been working on the project for a few days and my friend joined in on the project about 2 days ago. So far we have done:

  • Fleshed out the base level/boundaries
  • Created 2 out of 4 of the monumental areas on the map
  • Added Player and AI animations/controls
  • Added Player and AI health/damage
  • Added AI objective and player aggro radius
  • Tower shoots projectiles at the player with aggro radius