Looking for Character Artist

I’m currently working on a small prototype, and need the main character for the game modeled, textured, and rigged with the Epic skeleton. You can find some reference characters here. I’m looking for something set in a medieval period, but clothing that is a little more progressive for that time. I also attached a reference image of Geralt from The Witcher, as they did a really good job of “aging” him and making him look like he has had a life full of pain and suffering.

I want this character to be male, older, and he doesn’t need to carry any weapons. He uses a special kind of magic, and I want the character to reflect the wisdom that comes with being a long time magic user. Above all else, however, he is a thief. Dark, mysterious, and deadly.

Like I said earlier, this game is just a prototype I am doing in my spare time as a hobby project, so I don’t have much of an art budget. That being said, I want the character to be high quality, as the project has the potential for being funded. If this one turns out well, I will have other characters that need to be done as I get the funds to support it, and I will be able to offer a better rate on future art.

If you’re interested, please send your portfolio, time frame, and price quote to

This position has been filled. Thanks to all of those who reached out to me.