Looking for Character Artist

Hi there,

I’m Reuben. I run an Unreal Engine learning channel with 25,000 subscribers. I am making a new course for my community, I have been using this pack in my course so far:…dern-male-pack

But I now require a custom version that I can swap out with the marketplace pack as I don’t have the rights to distribute the marketplace pack to my subscribers. It must be modular like the pack, and must rigged to the epic skeleton.

Here is a short GIF of what I am using the pack for in my course:

Please contact me at [EMAIL=“”] and provide a quote if possible.

Look forward to hearing from you!


[USER=“677608”]Reuben Ward[/USER],

Have you considered reaching out to StadiThompson of the pack you’re currently using? You will be surprised how easy the vendors will work with you. A lead from your subscriber base to their products is worth a negotiation.

@TechLord I have and he was unwilling to come to an arrangement, which is understandable.

NOTICE: I have found an artist and am no longer searching. Thanks to all the applicants, sorry I can’t personally email everyone back.