Looking for certain roles, please read for more info

We’re currently in need of these roles mentioned below:

  • 3d character Animator(Experience with IK and non IK character rigs both human and non-human.)
  • C# Programmer, (knowledge of coding in C#, Gameplay Programming Knowledge & Network Programming Knowledge a plus is AI Programming Knowledge)
  • Visual Effects Designer (Experience with lighting, battle effects, and character visuals.)
  • 2d UI/GUI Artist (With knowledge on user interface, menu and layout design)
  • Character Artist (With knowledge on both texturing and modeling stylized characters + if the person has an experience with setting up game rigs)

About us:
We’re a small company and are currently looking for those roles to be filled up to get things moving, we’re trying to develop a MOBA game inspired by one of the past games by Epic Games called “Paragon” as far as now we already have built our own engine to develop our game, those are the current missing roles we’re in the look for, we already do have some more content to our game, but those can be shared when we only talk privately not publicly. We already have some characters modeled and already have our server provider setup.

If you’ve got the skills for any of those roles please directly private message me on here or either on discord: or you can directly join our discord and dm me from there!
Discord server: