Looking for C++ plugin and extension developer

Hi everyone,

I run a virtual reality for architecture company: TruVision

We’re in the early stages of talks with a company to create a partially automated system which visualises in VR rooms fitted with assets from a catalogue of options. We are looking into developing a variety of UE4 plugins and extensions which will speed up this process.

At this stage I can’t give out a lot of detail as talks are preliminary at this stage. What I’d like is to find some experienced UE4 plugin and extension developers so that when the time comes we can begin developing this system quickly.

We also constantly have ideas about how our workflow could be optimised by custom plugins so there’s potential for much more work for the right person.

We can discuss payment rates and terms when the time comes.

If you’re interested and feel like this is something for you, please get in contact here, or you can email me at


You could try Rama. He does C++ coding and plugin development. His thread: Available, Counseling, Steam/Multiplayer Code, UI, C++ Game Mechanics - Looking For Work? - Epic Developer Community Forums

The bigger problem with dynamic interior system is light maps. If you want to make choose and switch between object like wardrobe or something also with different dimensions / forms, you can not use light maps. Only dynamic light.

Which for some reason, light maps are still a thing in 2016 in UE4 unlike any other engine…

Well, Unity 5 still has static lightmaps. They just call it “baked GI”. You can’t beat lightmaps as far as performance and visual quality are considered as part of the same equation. And “precomputed realtime GI” in Unity is just a more advanced form of lightmaps once again. Your statement is quite far from the true state of “any other engine”!

Fair enough ^.^