Looking for C++ engine programmer for tiny feature of being able to randomly spawn meshes.

Ok so I’ve posted about this in another thread but we still need help solving this so I’m posting to find a programmer that we can pay to implement this for us.

We’re building a very different open world survival game called Project: Redfield (www.projectredfield.com) and we’re also looking for permanent team members in case anyone is interested.

is a description of what we’re looking to do (from the other thread):

I would gladly pay for someone to do it for us so please let me know if you can do it and how much you want as compensation.

Contact me in a PM or Skype: can be found in the icon under my name.

Bumping this, still looking for someone to do this for us.

I still don’t understand why Procedural Foliage Spawner is not enough for you.

It does seem like PFS should be fine, but it also seems like it might not be too hard to add what is requested.

I use Procedural foliage spawner, but it lacks this feature. It can spawn groups of meshes, but there can only be one mesh in each group since the Foliage Type can only spawn one set mesh. Which results in a group of identical meshes with looks pretty dull. I want groups spawned with the procedural foliage tool, but they should contain more than one mesh to break up repetitiveness.

will help us with this though, so it’s all good. :slight_smile: He’ll submit it to the engine so that others can take part of it.