Looking for C++ Animation Programmer teacher

I’m legally blind, so I REALLY only want C++ oriented solutions to Animations. I leave it to you smart people to figure out why a blind person might not like Visual Scripting in BPs and ABPs.

I’m currently working on a Third Person Hack and Slash. The pipeline I’m trying to achieve is as follows:

  1. Designers drop in custom Anim Notifies into UAnimSequences or UAnimMontages for Attack Animations.
  2. Designers create a Combo Chain in a custom UDataAsset class I created and drop in the Animations that make up the Combo Chain
  3. A Combo Tree is built in C++ from the Combo Chains provided
  4. As a character traverses the Combo Tree, I play the corresponding UAnimSequence/UAnimMontage for the attack Animation through C++ at the correct times.

Steps 1 to 3 work fine. I’ve been able to play Animations in C++ successfully, but step 4 is still buggy. I’m willing to pay for the experience of an Animation Programmer who can teach me to do the following:

  1. Use BOTH C++ and ABPs synergistically. E.g ABPs can handle simple things like Walk/Run/Idle, C++ handles more complex things like Combos, Special Attacks etc
  2. Set up UAnimSequences/UAnimMontages correctly to allow them to be played in C++ properly
  3. Go over fundamental Animation concepts like Root Motion, Blending and Blend Spaces, Slots et as well as how to play these properly in C++ if applicable.
  4. Using Anim Notify States and Montage Notifies

Please PM me if you can help in these areas and we can discuss price etc.