Looking for BP help now and again. Will pay for assistance.

I’m learning UE4 and getting better. I do Archvis kinds of things. I’ve been doing 3D for 25-years so I’m good at that.

Now and then I get stuck trying to achieve some kind of functionality. I’m still learning as I’ve only been using UE4 for about 6-months and that’s intermittent at best.

I’m looking for someone who’s pretty seasoned who can solve an issue for me now and then. I’m willing to pay. I’m thinking that most of the time these will be 30-minutes of work for someone who knows UE4 Blueprints well. So it’s not a lot of work but it would be a little cash now and then.

I’m always working on projects to develop and market. If I find the right person and we click, I’d also be willing to share profits for one of my concepts that takes off.

Regardless, I’m willing to pay for help when I need a bit of it. Anyone interested?

Hi RobH2, I could help. I’m looking for experience whilst I’m working towards my Unreal Trainer Certification. Also I’m Furlonged from my job at the moment so I could just charge you $10 an hour. I’m based in London so I’m in UK timezone.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for reaching out. This sounds really good, not that you are Furlonged, but that you are willing to assist me at a fair price. I may have something this week I need help with. Here is my email, let’s get out of UE and connect there if that’s OK with you. It’s easier. [EMAIL=“”]((I had my email here but will PM it to you for so I don’t get spammed)).

I look forward to talking more.

Thanks… Rob

Thanks Rob. I’ve sent you a email.