Looking for BP/C++ Programmer, Level Designers / Dinosaur Adventure Game


This is Dinosauria Confinement, an FPS Action Adventure heavily inspired by the Jurassic park series featuring a mixer of elements from titles such as Alien Isolation, Uncharted, Portal and Trespasser (PC 1997). Our game seeks to deliver a quality narrative experience to fans who have not been treated to a modern Dinosaur Adventure title set in this time period.

For the past 6 months I have employed several members from the Unreal Community to assist in building this game and we have a lot to show for it! Recently because of financial set backs on my personal end I was unable to retain my programmer but I have retained my art team and animator. We are looking to fill the programming lead role and also bring on some people who would be interested with utilizing our custom art assets for designing levels in the game.

We seek to push for a crowd-funding campaign to employ volunteers full time and possibly bring on some additional talent via Kick-starter, legalities and all other incursions will be initiated at the begging of the KS Campaign and finalized at the end.

Our INDIEDB can be located here


**Programmer: **The current games feature set is around 75% complete and has working AI, UI, Line Trace Weapon System and pretty much everything the game needs to function. You will need to have the aptitude to jump in and complete some of the final features utilizing Anim Blueprints, Blackboard AI and Weapon Classes.

Please have some proof of work.

**Level Designers: ** Level Designers will need to have the aptitude to utilize our systems and blue print actors in order to build unique and engaging levels which steer the player to the finish line with plenty of surprises.

***Please have some proof of work.

We use GITHUB for source control***

Currently our team is compromised of:

Taylor McKenzie - Project Organizer, Lead, UE Generalist and Interim Funding
Kerr Robinson - Full Sail Graduate 3D Digital Artist and Animator / Autodesk Maya
Stanley Bragg - Full Sail Graduate 3d Rigging / Autodesk Maya
Nick Spiedel - Self Taught Hard Surface Modeler / Blender
Daniel D - Original Sound Track and Sound Design

***If you do not fit any of the requested roles you may still contact me under the supposition that you may bring something to the table.

I can be reached via Email or Discord at any time of the day but preferably within daylight/evening hours of CST.***