Looking for BP Assistance, Low Poly Modelers, Design Assistance

[BP Assistance Position - Closed]
[Prop Modelers - Open]
[Design Assistance - Open]


I’m looking for some help on a fun game in the making. I decided to take two or more classic games and try and make one new fun game. The two main concepts I mixed was, “Crash Bandicoot” & “Mario 64”.

The main purpose for this game is a “Puzzle Strategy” game that starts you off in a hub like area where you will be able to walk to the level you are able to enter and complete.
Gaining “exp” points and upgrades to assist you on your game.
This game currently will hold 32 reg levels and 3 bonus levels.
After completing each level, an icon will appear above the door.
Also, each level will consist of a secret crystal that if all crystals are obtained, it will open the bonus levels.



Who I am:

I am a solo game developer and designer. I have a website called www.nuhabitstudios.com (and yes, I have more than one studio with the NuHabit name.) where I have released 3 games so far and I am working on releasing my fourth. No, I have not made much money besides family and friends and occasional visitor to the site. “NOT” a get rich quick…

I do however have a chance to send this new game on completion through the Steam Community challenge and hopefully release for the first time on Steam.

I intend to release this game for roughly $5-$7, depending on results of game quality. The royalty amount can be agreed on upon becoming a team member or discussed for temp help.

I am in the U.S. and my time zone is Standard Mountain Time. I can only speak English, sorry.

I have plenty of more info about me, my studio, and the game if needed. If you are interested feel free to shoot over an email to nu.habit.studios@gmail.com or send me a message here and I will try to respond as quickly as possible.

(NEW) Will be using Perforce.

Still looking for anyone who wants to help me build games.

hello i’m 3d no organic modeler

[El Blood] - Send me some pictures or videos of your skills and experience to nu.habit.studios@gmail.com

Would gladly take a look and see how we can work together. Thanks

(NEW) Will be and can use Perforce.

I am interested in your proposition, being a Blueprints Programmer.
You can check out my portofolio:
If you are interested too, you can contact me on Discord @ or on Skype @ .
Have a great day,

Still looking for good help.