Looking for blueprints programmer


We are currently looking for a freelance blueprints programmer for a multiplayer game of zombie survival (like Left4Dead or Dead Island)

We need:

  • AI Enemies Zombies (who chase and attack players)
  • **Medikit **(Heal the players when catching the object) +20hp
  • Wounded man function When a player has less than 20hp, the player changes his animation to wounded on the ground and his speed is slower (like PUGB system)
  • Compass on the map (like the pugb and arma system)
  • **Minimap (**that only shows you to teammates and the map in small) like csgo, pugb, cod, etc
  • BUGS solve the small “errors” of the game.


Thats a pharase i never heard before.

Thank you very much to all! we are in contact :rolleyes:

You don’t even have to lie about being a senior developer man. I’ve been getting jobs off of this forum for years, never once felt the need to claim experience I didn’t have.