Looking for blueprinters/programmers to help on an adventure/action/puzzle game like Tomb Raider.


My name is Chris, Founder, Teamleader and 3d generalist for Pix On Screen, an indie dev team working on the game ‘Crystals Of Theia’, an adventure/action/puzzle game similar to games like Tomb Raider, Uncharted and Deadfall Adventures.

We are still in need of one or two blueprinters/programmers to help us getting the demo done which will give us the opportunity to sign a contract with Europe’s leading game publisher.

Your job will be to get the character controller done, and helping on the gameplay.

Skills needed:

  • Sufficient experience in UE blueprints and/or programming and animation blueprinting
  • Knowing how to program a climb system framework
  • Experience with multiplayer and A.I. programming is a plus
  • Puzzle mechanics programming experience
  • Dedication and motivation! Having the drive to continue even when things get hard sometimes is the only way to get there.
  • Working in a team is not a problem for you.

What we have to offer:

  • The opportunity to embark on a fun journey and create a fun and exiting game that has great potential to become a blockbuster!
  • A chance to get funded by Europe’s leading game publisher Koch Media/Deep Silver!
  • Dedication and motivation as a team to help you and ourselves to achieve our dream together!

We use Discord for chat, and Microsoft Visual Studio Community for project sharing.

You can contact me here (personnal message), or via Skype (chrisv770), or on Discord (Laser Ultra Mega Maxi#2375).

Here’s the Twitter account for the project where you can find more information about the project.


And here are some recent screenshots of the work in progress demo level:

I hope to hear you soon!