Looking for Blueprint Tutor!

Hey guys,

I’m hoping to create my own turn based game similar to XCOM 2. I am using the “Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit” as a basic framework. I’m at the point now where I’ve exhausted all the existing features and need to learn how to implement features of my own on top of the existing framework. As the toolkit is built purely on blueprints, I would like to continue this trend and learn how to use BP to implement the features I want. I’m completely new to Unreal 4, but my degree did cover basic programming and I have done some basic self study in BP in my own time. My goal is to create a basic combat prototype showcasing all the basic features available to the player in combat.

Things such as, abilities and an ability bar. Hit, miss and crit chance and a few other basic features.

I am looking to hire a tutor who will teach me how to use BP within the context of adding new features to my game, using “Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit” as a starting point. My time zone is UTC + 10:00. I’m completely free on Sun,Mon,Thur and Fri. Price is negotiable. Hope to hear from you!

Thanks guys, I’ve found a few interested people :slight_smile: This will be all for now.

Feel free to ask questions in my support thread in addition to whomever is tutoring you! I love helping people take my toolkit in new directions :slight_smile:

Thanks again Knut! I just didn’t want to keep hounding you with questions. Looking forward to the next update, but take your time with it :slight_smile:

Hehe, no worries. Just keep asking whenever you need anything. But I cannot be as readily available as a tutor would be, of course. I try my best, though :slight_smile: