Looking For BluePrint Programmer and 3D modeler For Already Started Project

Hey guys,

I am looking for 1 more programmers to join me in creating a game known as EION. I am mainly a 3D animator with some basic skills with modeling, though I have made some basic things in unreal so that it can be shown off.

The game itself is going to be a sandbox/open world game in which the player can explore different realms (basically just copies of the world with different textures and resources), basic multiplayer capabilities (already included with the plugin), monsters to fight and different crafting recipes. 2 examples of weapons style (iron and bronze)

The people for the game are:

1-someone who has experience in programming blueprint that can help setting up the voxel plugin.

2- A 3D organic modeler (and if he has experience in texturing hard surface that would be great) an Example

If you are interested in helping me out/joining the team, msg me on discord (scorpiologist#6070) and we can talk there.


p.s. if the links don’t work here they are:… (progress) (plugin)
Screen capture - ab50d26371820ed81dfa678706022264 - Gyazo (weapon model)…3a585dc262e1ea (model example)