Looking for blueprint dev for tool developement

Job Description:
I am looking for a blueprint developer to help create a series of tools for the rapid creation of large city environments with Blueprints.
I will be providing 3D assets (Buildings, Roads, mailboxes, Street Signs, etc.) as well as textures and materials through all stages of development of these BP tools.

What should these tools do?

District Tool -
Tool example 1

Building / Prop Tool -
Tool example 2

Tool Requirements:

  • The ability to quickly and easily block out large environments with minimal fuss *]Supports multiple arrays of Buildings and other objects *] Supports Instanced Static Meshes *] The ability to track damage to buildings/objects and swap them out with an destroyed version of buildings or objects if needs be.

Team Structure**:**
Benjamin Stanley (Project Creator)
3D Artist - Hobbyist - 4+ years

Talent Required:
<Blueprint Scripting>

  • Well versed in Unreal Engines blueprints system *]The ability to thoroughly comment blueprints *]Knowledgeable in procedural content creation with Blueprints

Skype: Ben_Stan385