Looking For Beta Testers for Error Analysis Platform!

My company, Backtrace, has developed a plugin for the Unreal Editor to make it easy for developers to configure their game’s crash reporter to submit error to their Backtrace Project, which will automate the submission of debug symbols to Backtrace when games are compiled in the Editor. We’re currently looking for Beta testers to give us feedbac on how the plugin integrates with their project.

Backtrace will ensure your project is supported though every stage of development with end-to-end crash analysis.

  • See, Explore, and Retain Crash Reports
  • Analyze Crash Trends and View Customized Reports
  • Increase User Retention

If you’re interested in trying out the plugin, you can get started here. After a quick survey, you’ll get information on how to integrate your project and get started!

Questions? Ask away!