Looking for Battle System(Game Mechanic) Writer


Project Title:
Tenekur Online

Tenekur Online is a Survival MMO-RPG.

First of all we want to state that we are a small group of independent developers who don’t fear about income. The reason why we design Tenekur is the feature that we can’t find in games nowadays: Freedom. Players aren’t free enough. Tenekur Online is a combination of realism and fantasy in its own time period. In this period players won’t only change the course of the game, they will make history themselves without being bounded to a particular story. Tenekur Online is waiting for you with dynamic features like disease, aging, body building, providing main needs… Discover, Fight, Conquer, Build…

Special spell system,
Detailed interactions with the game world and other characters,
Create your own structures and world,
A dynamic structure where profession system affects the game world
Special stories and rewards depending on discovery
Branching story based off your actions,
Detailed progression system,
Dynamic world,
Dynamic trade,
Dynamic player character (aging, sweating, fatigue, etc…),
Dynamic weather,
Character skill customization,
Freedom(you can be an assassin, bandit, protector or King etc.),
Physically based combat,
Reputation system,
Construction system, own kingdoms
And with lots of more features Tenekur Online is waiting for you.

Team Name:
Carnaval Game

Team Structure:
2 Level Designer (Matthew Meacham, Joe Young)
3 Environmental Modeller (Ergin YANAR, Ekin KÜÇÜK, Batuhan AKIN)
1 Junior Environmental Modeller (Ekrem KARTAL, Baran NAMA)
2 Character Artist(Muhammed Tarık TAMYÜREK, Ayhan SAKARYA)
1 Animator (Mehmet Fatih TEKTEN)
3 Programmer (Ahmet Faruk GÜNTÜRKÜN, Mehmet Fatih MARABAOĞLU, Muhammed Bahadır ÖZDEMİR)
2 Concept Artist (Ozan KOÇ - Alexandre Ferreira, Dennis Belyasov)
1 GUI Designer (Mehmet Ali KÜÇÜK)
1 Junior Community Manager (Atakan ATALI)
2 Music Composer(Mark Braga)
1 Quest Writer (Benhür Dinçer)
Material Artist (Can CANTÜRK)
Mustafa Berke Güreltöl - 3D Artist (Character & Environmental)

Talent Required:
<C++ Programmer><Blueprint Scripting>
Good Knowledge about c++ and blueprint scripting.

Task #1. Write a Physic based fight system like and


Skype: afgun_5


Talent Required:
<Rig + Weight Paint>
Good Knowledge about rigging and animation system in UE4

Task #1. Rig characters items with character skeleton and do weight paint …