Looking for audio engineers

Yes I know this is a game design place and not for youtube but there is no other place to post this and I need help. With that out of the way here is my post.

Hello! I am looking for an Audio Engineer who would like to edit my audio tracks for YouTube I create gaming videos with commentary and would like to sound more professional but cannot do it alone I would love to work with someone that has a lot of time on their hands but it is not mandatory just someone who will be able to work with me on daily videos. This is not a permanent position but would be amazing to work with you long time and create a kind of friendship with you. Any skill is fine and you can compare my old videos to the ones you worked on as a portfolio for future work if you would like. Now of course if I grow to become popular it was not on my own work and you can be paid accordingly but that can be spoken when we get to that bridge I look forward to speaking with whom ever would like to join