Looking for Artists, Sound Designers and others to start a game asset production team

Hello, my name is . Currently, I am the lead 3D Artist and founder of a game development company. I am creating this post because I am interested in trying to find any Artists, Sound Designers and others who are interested in creating a game development asset production team, or asset union.

First off, for anyone who does not understand what an asset production team is, I give a basic description. Essentially, it’s a group of people (in this case game developers, artists and sound designers) that unite under one brand to maximize the production and profitable sales for game assets.

The goal of the group would be to create 3D and 2D game assets, as well as SFX, Music and other items, and then sell those assets under a specific brand to increase the overall profit, quality, and efficiency of the asset production pipeline. This idea is similar to a franchise system used in many other areas of business.

At first, this idea may sound stupid. In reality, however, there can be major long(ish) term benefits, the first being the brand related benefits.

  1. If a team of artists is unified under one brand, if that brand becomes popular, assets become easier to sell efficiently simply because of the recognition from potential buyers.
  2. Another possible benefit may come in the ability to research and determine the best possible assets to produce. As an individual, it can be hard at times to adapt to the changing industry. e.g. if SFX assets become more popular than 3D. It’s hard to switch to an SFX artist quickly. With the combined efforts from everyone, we would easily be able to adapt to any changes long term and still make a profit. (assuming everyone gained the same amount of payment and the end of the day.) Now, as for payment, there are multiple models we could use. We could allow everyone to gain an equal share at the end of the day, but it would probably be best to start by giving 90-100% of the profits from the assets to the original creators in the start at least. This means there is very little chance of losing profit as a team rather than everyone working individually.
  3. The third benefit from being unified as specific asset developers would be the ability to take on the creation of more complex and diverse as well as larger asset packages by working together. Everyone likes to purchase big packs with a lot of variation instead of individual assets that are used hundreds of times. Being united would allow us to expand.

Note: We would determine the best possible assets to develop and sell as well as which game asset sites we would sell them on.

If you have decided to read through this entire proposition, you may have multiple questions. I sadly cannot answer every question in one post. If you are interested in looking into my idea or just have a question, please either contact me here, leave a reply or email me at: @gmail.com

Thank you for your time, -