Looking for artists for testing Lienzo

Hello there!

For some time now, I’ve been working on a VR (htc vive) painting app called Lienzo. It is now on an usable state and I need people to try it and me their opinion and how can it be improved. If you want, the drawings you make can be used for the game’s marketing.

The strong points of Lienzo are:

  • Intuitive and fast color shifting
  • Very fast controls, allowing you to center in the painting
  • Painting with two hands
  • Paint with blending colored blobs or precise lines

EDIT: Shorter, clearer video. The older ones are still on my channel:

So, if you have an HTC Vive and enjoy painting, send me an email to with an image of your nicest drawing and I’ll send you the latest build of Lienzo for you to paint.

Thank you all in advance :smiley: