Looking for artist

A friend and I have been working on a RPG style game for about a month now. The only issue we have is we are not artists and the small bit of art we have in has been purchased from the marketplace. Together we have most of the core gameplay mechanics in and being tested. I host a perforce server for file sharing and a teamspeak server for communication. If you are looking to add to your perfolio this would be perfect. Here is what we’re looking for in an artist.

3D props(Buildings, Weapons, Armor)
Concept art

The two of us can do the above however it would take time away from developing game mechanics and would be of poor quality. Pm me on here if interested.

3D props(Buildings, Weapons, Armor)

I can do things like Buildings or Weapons. But what for an Modeling Software do you want to use?
What ever?
And are they already some ideas… a story?