Looking for Artist to optimize a Rift project for the Quest


We’re looking for an Artist to optimize a scene that was built for the Rift to work on the Quest. The project is a training simulator for a very large wind turbine company (due to privacy can’t post the company name). The Rift version is already deployed and has been received very well. There is potential for much more work if you’re interested if this initial porting job is a success.

Email or PM me (email preferred) and I can provide more information.


Hey hey, sounds like something right up our alley as we have done a lot of training sims and a lot of VR work and a lot of optimization… I’ll reach out to you via PM and ideally we can chat over email to work out the details… thnks!

Hi Masaki1984, I’m interested in your project related to immersive media. I don’t want to waste your time so I’m adding a link where you can test drive my productions if you feel my work is worth it, let’s chat and see what we can do!

My Presentation: NRS


Test Drive my VR:



I’d be happy to help! I did a lot of optimization for Rainbow Six Siege. Please check out some of my work here: ArtStation - Kem Yaralioglu