Looking for Artificial Intelligence tutorial on blueprint

As the title says, i found many tutorial on how to make good stuff on blueprint but nothing yet about PGs bhaviour (enemy or not)

any good guide/manual/tutorial?

I’m making some tutorials for my students, will post on here when it goes live. There’s a series on youtube, but I’m not sure I’d suggest it because it has some confused ideas presented in it (mixing state and behavior trees).

where can i find them?

I’ll put them up on youtube. Haven’t had time to record them yet, but I’ve got to do it this weekend anyway. So I’ll post here when they’re online.

Hi Zoombapup,

As you’re a teacher, I’m sure you will anyway, but please make sure you say ‘why’ you are adding things like decorators and what they are doing.

No problem, I know it can be confusing because its quite a complex system. I tend to do a lot of “live coding” with my students in class, so I’ll try and capture a bit of that feel in the videos. Should post the first couple tomorrow if I can get them rendered.


ok thank you! so i’ll wait the weekend.

please post a link here after you manage to upload them

Sorry for the delay. Took me a while longer than expected to get round to it. I’ve added a playlist to youtube that I’ll upload the videos to. I’ve posted the first two so far, but youtube is having some upload issues for me, so I’ll post more tomorrow. Please let me know if I need to make anything clearer!

I just want to say that these tutorials are impressive. I’m half-way through the first one and it’s crystal clear.

Thank you for these videos.

Thanks for these great tuts!!

grat vids! can’t wait to see the full release!!

Sorry I didn’t manage to post more yet. For some reason Youtube isn’t happy with the videos somehow. I’ll reencode them tomorrow and reupload see if that helps. Got a load of footage done already for more in the series, it’s just finding time to edit it all and then sort out uploading.

Glad you’re finding them useful though.

Well, I managed to record some new footage today, only to realize there was a bug with something (and its very strange what I’m seeing). So I’m just going to try and debug what’s going on before I post the next video, otherwise I’d be leading you all astray.

For those who are interested, I’m seeing an AIController actor that is not correctly parented to its AICharacter, so when I do distance checks the values are completely off. Doesn’t happen in my practice build, but somehow managed to mess up when I went to record a live demo session. Will figure it out asap.

some links :

Posted another video in the series today:

Loads more to go before the series is wrapped up obviously.

Great! Thanks!

Posted another video today:

This time its starting on “senses”. More to follow :slight_smile:

Great job on the tutorials so far. They are easily some of the best AI tutorials I’ve come across. I can’t wait for the next one, please hurry! :smiley:

Finally got round to going through them and I think your tutorials are great!

Have you solved any of the problems yet?
Especially with the resetting of BBValues. I created a method of moving to the player location at the time of seeing them (as opposed to magically knowing wherever the player has moved to), but with a task that resets the value of the seen actor, it fails (of course) but even if the AI can still see the player. Bad explanation, sorry.

I’m wondering why returning to the guard point should be a high priority? Just for testing purposes?

Have a cup of tea and a biscuit and keep them coming. You’ve helped massively :wink:

Thanks, I’ve not looked at it yet, but you’ve just reminded me to bug Mieszko about it :slight_smile: because it seems logical to me (I’ve worked with BT’s for years) that the “abort” suggests that aborting lower priority subtrees should also call their abort events. But I’ll have to pick Mieszko’s brain to find out if I’m thinking correctly about their implementation.

There IS obviously the workaround that you can simply call the reset from the higher priority branch as it starts, but that feels wrong. I’d rather come up with either the “correct” solution or one that feels less hacky at least.

Will post another video in the next few days. Just having some issues with an unstable PC right now.

Glad you’re enjoying the vids though guys. I enjoy making them too.

edit: regarding the higher priority return to guard position. Its just something you get by default in an MMO, guards rarely stray too far from their post, normally because it would screw up the server if vast hordes of AI entities suddenly started migrating across the world :slight_smile: If you like after we’ve got the basics down we can do some further experiments on guard-type stuff, but I figured once the guard was nailed we could move on to mobs.