Looking for Ark Modder, who wants to do a Medieval/Game of Thrones themed MOD

Hello fellow Modders. Im hosting a german Game of Thrones RP Server (Map Ragnarok) and were at a point, where we can`t continue with the Mods there are. We are looking for some nice medieval clothes and such, to make our Roleplay more…well…real :slight_smile:

Hit me up please ( if you are interested. We do have a concept for this Mod, so i am sure i can explain it and we can talk a bit. We are aware that we would use your spare time and are willing to even pay a little bit, if necessary.

I am hoping to get a couple of responses.

Greetings, Nate

Looking for a team of people who are somewhat familiar with unreal and how to make a game with mechanics similar to pubg or fortnite. Please inbox me if anyone is interested. Project is already very far in development just need more help.