Looking for Archviz Specialists

Hi there,

our company Project: Gateway VR Studios (P:GS) is currently searching for additional freelancers with strong focus on Archviz. P:GS is a visualisation company located in germany and is mostly doing jobs for the government. We have 2 upcoming big visualisation jobs and therefore I need:

Should have more than 2 years of experience in Archviz is familiar with the common Toolset needed to create outstanding visualisations with the Unreal Engine 4. The Projects will be around 1-3 months. Furthermore the Level Designer should be able to create detailed levels based on CAD plans made by an architect.

3D Interior Designer
Good level design needs great assets! Additionally to the Leveldesigner we need an Artist who has some archviz experience as well and can create 3D Assets based on photos in an amazing quality.

We are not searching for an outsourcing company (So save your time guys), we are searching for freelancers who can work remotely only. I already hired some guys from the unreal Engine forums and the experience was always good :slight_smile: So if youre interested in one of those positions send us an email to [EMAIL=“”]

With best regards

Andreas Djassemy

Hey Andreas, let me know if anything changes and you are open to working with an organized team of folks! We’ve got years of Archviz experience under our belts and have worked on some VR projects lately that I think make us a perfect fit for what you’ve got cooking up over there! Cheers!