Looking for anyone who has made a working multi player map

I’ve made a few posts and searched all through these forums and tried Google and everything else to no avail and still haven’t been able to fix my problem. I found a couple of posts mentioning the same issue as mine. But neither had solutions and the people asking the questions haven’t been active in months to ask them.

I’m not trying to add any new item to the game. I’m trying to use the current foliage. I have inputted them into the map as Izumi has in his great tutorial (thanks for that by the way) and painted them on using the tool. They work great in single player. On a dedicated server, however, they do not. You get the materials from harvesting, the images however, remain. I.e. trees do not fall.

My question to anyone who has done this successfully on multi player is do I need to create anything blueprint wise or create a new mesh? Or is it simply just something I clicked possibly in world settings or the landscape level that may be causing the issue. Is it possibly just adk being buggy? Do I need to delete all my foliage and start over and hope it works that way?

Basically, i’m asking that if no one knows how to fix it, does anyone know what I don’t need to do?

Thanks for the reply DavidBC. Unfortunately, had already done it as per that stuff but I went ahead and redid it with the one tree, recooked it and reuploaded, still the same issue with tree does not fall and image stays on client even after tree is gone. I must be missing something, but this is what I have going on with the only parts that I believe could be affecting this.

Sorry this image is probably better as it show only what I have changed.

Ok, I fixed it. Posting here in case anyone else runs into this in the future. Apparently I had too many items in the map. After splitting into submaps, I still had one not working. I split that one further, lowering the number of items in that sub map and voila, everything works perfect now.

Splitting the map up is deffo required, Here is a preview of how mine is split up, If i could go back right now id make it a 15x15 or 20x20 grid instead due to the size of my map and i have a _near and _far version of grid file and separate 2 more for waterfalls and caves where required