Looking for anyone to learn and grow alongside

I know the basics of C++ and UE4 Blueprinting but I’m looking to really take it farther. I’d love to get a group together where we can learn from each other, grow, and gain experience together. Hopefully the end result of this project will be new and improved skills for all of us and a new sense of team building.

What would your goal for a learning project be? I would be interested in a short game to release on PC (for free if we don’t think it is good) to test the ability of this team.

I’m a 2d artist:

I believe you PMd me. I’d love to put forward my designs. I specialize in turn-based RPGs and I also have interest in Metroidvanias and Third-Person action games. I’m a designer/planner/writer/whatever you want to call it.

That’d be great

Is this still going? I pmd you again, but I haven’t gotten a response.

@PheonixGaming. I was looking at your profile whenever I had found that you have given a few new developers a chance for experience. I would like an opportunity to join such a pool. Do you think you can reach me VIA PM? Thank You.

I got into the mood to do some work for someone else, this is a project which includes a wiki framework, community portal with steam login, and the basic face for a sight. Laravel is a RAD PHP framework so most of these things were already made and all that I needed was to hook them up together and proceed. Now, this is what I do lack: a designer. I want a good, designer. All of this was done in a night. I had to hook steam up to the site myself and do a bunch of database alterations.

Bear in mind, I did not do the layout or the initial work. I did programmatic rework or installation. With a designer I would be completed.