Looking for anyone that wants to join the team.

I started to use unreal engine about 3 years ago, I stoped making my game due to work. I have made enough financially were I invested in some equipment and I am good to work on my project for the next year. I want to get a proto type going. I have very good concepts, some programming education, art education and experience, and I have been playing games for the past 17 years lol.

Anyways if your interested post here we will figure a way to talk thanks.

Hey Splex, I believe we’re in the same position here. I’m new to the game development arena but have been creating prototypes and basic games in various engines for years. That being said I want to move into Unreal Engine but I feel joining a team to learn and develop with would be the best option. I have a Discord server if you want to talk this out or see if we would even be a good fit to work together. Let me know through PM if you’re interested in talking! Thanks and goodluck!

Sure man I don’t know how to PM you on here but we should deff talk see if we have the same interests in building a game. whats the info?

I wish to join the team as a 3D modeller. I am a retired engineer with 3D modelling training but am new to game development. I am currently working on 3D models for a medieval fantasy game (see attached). I was a draughtsman so am also good at drawing if this is an asset you require.

I’m interested to know more.
I’m currently doing my master’s thesis, I study master of science in computer engineering so I’d say programming and problem solving is my talents.
My thesis is going to be finished by June. My thesis is also being done in Unreal Engine 4 :smiley:

Hello. I am interested, where can we communicate? On discord, skype…?

Do you have any use for a texture artist? I’m trying to build my porfolio but i can show you a few pieces i made if interested.

Hi Splex,

Have you considered joining a Team? We’re a group of organized, highly motivated, mature developers sharing similar circumstance to you. I’m a code-centric Game Dev working with UE4 partime for ~3 years building up my skill and knowledge of its Toolset and Engine. You can checkout a few of my UE4 Blueprints Projects over here (on left). Our game project is in its infancy and opened to very good concepts so lets talk.