Looking for any talented individuals

Hi there, name’s Godzillafan.

I am currently looking for and recruiting any individual talented with UE4 game design and outside aspects.

“Our” team is known as Polybius Gamewares. Polybius is a (currently two man) start up team dedicated to creating uncanny horror experiences in the world of game design. Polybius strides to detach from common horror tropes and cliches, and focus more on the obscure, and possibly create fresh new experiences for the genre.

The “team” currently has a level designer skilled with basic UE4 knowledge, as well as lighting and basic effects placement (ex. dust particles, ambient sound placer, etc) as well as a talented 3D artist and modeler.

“We” have openings for sound design, animation, 2D artist, concept artist, and complete loyalty.

In short, we basically need a whole team of dudes who can do stuff. I do hope you don’t assume that I am looking for someone to do all the work, that is exactly the opposite.

Currently we are running on the budget of a ham sandwich, and well I just need help. I have looked around everywhere else, I have been a part of a mod team, yet the project fell through because no one contributed. Hence the loyalty aspect.