Looking For Animator

Project Name:

This and a few other details, I wish to not disclose in public. Interested persons, please contact for details.


A push-based RTS, in a similar vein as “Men of War”. This is a graphically un-intensive project. Contact for further details.

Team Structure:

Project Director, Game Design, 2D/3D Art, Sound Design, Music, Concept Art

Programmer Gameplay/AI/UI

Programmer Gameplay/UI

3D Artist

3D Artist

3D Artist

Previous Work:
Half-Rats: A Fever Dream
Half-Rats: Parasomnia (On Steam Now)

Talent Required:

3D Animator (1+)

Experience with, and access to 3DS Max
Experience with UE4 animation toolset is a plus
Expected to rig and animate characters and objects


Short-term payment will come in the form of small seasonal bonuses based on participation and work output - with profit-sharing coming when the game hits early-access and beyond.

PM for email