Looking for Animator,Programmer,GUI/UI-Designer,Visual Effects Designer,Environmental artist

Hello there, we’re looking for all these roles:

  • Animator
  • Programmer (Knowledge of Unreal Engine Blueprint, Multiplayer Programming, Gameplay Programming, and C++ Programming Knowledge) Anyone of them inside the () counts too
  • GUI/UI Designer
  • Visual Effects Designer
  • Environmental artist and Character artist, should have a good experience and knowledge for texturing and material designing for the style similar to Fortnite.

About us:
We’re a small company as of now trying to make a MOBA game, we’ve loads of awesome developers already on our team, we’re looking for those roles to help us fully work down a MOBA game inspired by one of the games made by Epic games called Paragon, we already do have certain things set up and we do have our own custom built engine for our game to be worked on.

If you think you’re up for the job then please hit us up on discord and we’d be discussing further info about the roles and workloads!
Join our discord at and ping/dm for further instruction about the roles.