Looking for Animator and 3D Modeler for a game

Futuristic 1st person non-lethal stealth game.

Unique methods of killing targets
First person

In the distant future, only subtle mind diseases will exist for illness, and there will be no deadly weapons or armed military or law enforcement. Global governments vie for hearts and minds of people, using every trick, scam, and cheat known to political paranoids, such as mind control, hypnotic suggestion, reprogramming, misinformation, bold faced lies, blackmail, conspiracies, and so on.
In the game, which is free roaming RPG style, in an extremely crowded world suffering from overpopulation, people struggle with the pointlessness and relative worthlessness of their lives, where everything you need is free, but there’s no organized social control structure, so nothing interesting ever happens. Opportunity has lost its meaning, and everyone mills about in a daze of sedation and depression.

Team Structure:
Christian M (Project Creator)
Project Management, Programming and Game Design - 1 year

Riley M (Map and Concept Artist)
Map and Texture Design Design - 3 years

This is our first project, we are looking for a 2 people who do not mind putting some time in to hopefully make a working game.

Talent Wanted:

3D Artist
Basic knowledge required
Expected to create animate player, npcs, and other things

Animation Artist
Basic knowledge required
Expected to be able to rig and animate 3D models


Still looking for 2 people!