Looking for Animation Tutor

Hi Everyone.
I’ve been trying to follow videos for months, and often get stuck.
I’m now* interested in paying a tutor to learn about setting up animations in Unreal.

If that’s you I’d like to hear from you!

Thinking Skype / Zoom. 20m - 30m sessions

Hello @GoLionMk2,

Is it a goal for you to become an Animator, or are you just in need animation for the game you’re developing?

Hey @TechLord
Yes I’d love to become an animator.
When watching videos here and there (Maya, Unreal), my progress is just really slow.

I believe I could spend another 50-100 hours trying to follow Youtube videos, or pay for 5-10 hours of one on one guidance and move faster.

Specific things I want help with:

  • re targeting
  • blend spaces
  • root motion vs in place
  • ART tools 1.0 / 2.0 etc