Looking for Animal and Character Groom / Fur

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Looking for Animal and Character Groom/Fur

[FONT=Times New Roman]Project Title**[FONT=Times New Roman]:**
[FONT=Times New Roman]The Adventures Of Zombie Dog

The Adventures of Zombie Dog
[FONT=Times New Roman]is a family friendly, animated comedy about a vegan zombie family that wins a game show and gets to live a “life” in human society! The Walker Family is led by Ed, the noble dad doing everything he can for his family and Betty, the wise old grandma. Ryder is the angsty teenage son and Gigi is the fun loving and imaginative daughter who somehow persuaded the family to adopt a troublemaking zombie dog.
[FONT=Times New Roman]There is one condition for them to stay, they cannot eat meat. Pretty easy for a vegan right? They love graaaaiiiinnnsss . But as a dog AND a zombie, meat is irresistible to JJ. And what is that? A mega meat pizza drone flying to the door of infamous zombie hunter, Stella? Right next door
[FONT=Times New Roman]In the show we focus on the importance of family and community building; we emphasize the power of inclusivity and learning to build friendships and trust with a society that is fearful of them. In a divided world, The Walker Family model striving for peace. The story was birthed as a result of the show’s creator encountering deeply rooted cultural divides and a growing passion to positively influence the next generation.

Talent Required:
Groom and Fur Artist

  • [FONT=Times New Roman]Experience with Maya and xgen required.
  • [FONT=Times New Roman]Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
  • [FONT=Times New Roman]Expected to create additional props & hard surfaces for use in maze generation.

[FONT=Times New Roman]Website**[FONT=Times New Roman]:**
[FONT=Times New Roman]The Adventures of Zombie Dog

E-mail: [EMAIL=“jeremy@zombiedog.com”]jeremy@zombiedog.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/realzombiedog

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